The 5 Commandments of Emma Stone to Look Radiant on The 'Red Carpet'

 If there's one thing we love about award seasons, it's all we learn from celebs . From fashion trends , hairstyles and makeup to how to be in better shape for a big event , something that Emma Stone knows perfectly ,  thanks to the 'five commandments' that she strictly follows to shine in the red carpets . 

The actress's coach, Jason Walsh , told Forbes what are the measures that must be taken the previous days to appear spectacular in the lavish galas. Five tips that include much more than exercises and that you can put into practice when you need it.


So start preparing your big event with the following tips:

5. Drink green tea

Walsh's first advice is to try to be as thin as possible and do it the natural way. So the best ally for this is the famous Green Tea . This infusion acts as a natural diuretic that does not carry health risks and will help to make a big difference in your physical appearance.

4. Do not drink alcoholic beverages

In addition to anti-inflammatory teas, you should avoid foods and drinks that make you retain fluid. One of the substances that produces this effect in the body is alcohol. Do you want your skin to look brighter and lessen puffiness? Don't drink liquor, at least two weeks before your big date. And this is not only said by Walsh, it is one of the must of the diet of  Jennifer Lopez , who has confessed on several occasions that one of her secrets of "eternal youth" is not to consume alcoholic beverages.see gallery

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3. Fitness exercises

The coach of Emma and other celebrities such as Bradley Cooper , Emily Blunt and Alison Brie , suggests putting in a training plan with weight and high intensity of two or three weeks - depending on the physical condition of each person. For example, if you are a beginner you will start with resistance exercises that later allow you to do for example important deadlift lifts , sled exercises , etc.

If you already have experience in fitness matters , functional sessions, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT),  CrossFit or Boot Camp could help you give that extra  to your exercise routine.

2. Work all the muscles 

Jason Walsh suggests making activities to work all muscles of the body or at least most of them, particularly recommends the sled or sleigh: "The more you link muscles, burn more energy. The higher the heart rate, the higher the metabolic expenditure. "As, for example, Victoria's Secrets model ,  Stella Maxwell in the image .

1. Give weight to exercise

Remember that it is not realistic to expect that just two weeks of lifting weights will be enough to show off an impressive body. The ideal is to prepare months in advance. But according to the judgment of Emma's personal trainer , it is necessary to include it and forget about those false beliefs that women who work with weight will develop many muscles. Strength training is not the same as bodybuilding: "There is a big difference and the results testosterone cypionate prezzo for women are incredible," he explained in the interview.


And don't forget to eat healthy

Another point to take into account is nutrition, very essential when you want to look fit for a special event. In fact, the nutritional part that will support all the work to give results is included in the celebs training plans that Walsh trains. The ideal not only for aesthetics, but for health, is to keep fit throughout the year; and make additional adjustments for those occasions like parties, weddings, holidays etc. 

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